The Dan Levely Show

The John Esteen Story

May 09, 2021 Dan Levely Season 1 Episode 50
The Dan Levely Show
The John Esteen Story
Show Notes
Happy 50th!!! It's the 50th episode!!! 
On todays episode we have non other then John Esteen, a former State Prisoner whose legal fight over his 150-year sentence for nonviolent drug crimes led to a landmark state Supreme Court decision...  We talk about John's childhood to the National Guard to Drug Smuggling to Prison and then finally his fight for his release, that also paved the way for other prisoners like himself to be able to be released after being "illegally" sentenced for nonvolant crimes...  His fight also caught the attention of Dateline NBC while they were in Angolia (where John was locked up) to do a documentary about the prison.  Come on in and listen to this amazing story...
Datline NBC link: Life Inside, Part 4 (
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